Baby Cots vs. Playards

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Without a doubt that all parents are concerned and worried about their newborn baby and play attention to every little detail regarding to the baby’s health. From baby’s food, clothes, bath soap to bed. To ensure the baby’s safety, a baby cot is essential for the development from newborn to toddler, a common question among parents is what's the difference between baby cots and play yards. This article will guide you through the advantages and benefits of each of them to help to gain an informed decision for your baby’s wellbeing.

Baby cots are basically cribs that are used in the earliest weeks after the baby is born. It usually comes with an adjustment to either swing or glide. This is usually a great feature that can help you put your baby to sleep easily. The swinging motion of the crib is the most useful feature on the crib. These baby cots are also available in large sizes; hence the baby will have enough space to roll around in. A baby cot is suited for longer periods of sleep – especially during the night. The mattress quality is usually more supportive and of better quality. The structure of a baby cot also feels more sturdy and stable. Given that a baby sleeps 15 to 16 hours a day, a good baby cot is essential to give your baby the best quality sleep. The baby cot will help the baby feel more comfortable. It can also be placed at the perfect height near the parents’ bed.

When it comes to play yard, it is yet another popular product from the baby furniture catalogue. It is similar in structure to that of a baby cot, however, play yards are usually used for older babies when they begin to crawl or roll around. A play yard is more suitable for playtime as well as small naps. A play yard gives your child a safe place to explore and play – with napping more of a side benefit. A play yard is usually mobile and portable while a baby cot requires a more permanent spot. You can bring around a play yard from one room to another without any fuss. With some models, you can even pack it up and transport it to a completely different location. One of the amazing benefits is how portable it is. On the contrary, a baby cot is a solid structure that is rather heavy. While some of them do come with wheels, it is almost impossible to bring it out of the house.

Both these products are useful in their own ways in a different situation. These differences are why we recommend getting both a baby cot and a play yard.