Baby Trend 101: Our Guide To The “Sit N’ Stand” Double Stroller And Why It Makes Your Life DOUBLY Easier

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Our personal take on why the Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand Double Stroller is a worthy buy.

Hey moms & dads,

If you’re expecting twins or a second little one, you will need a stroller that can pull double duty to help you get your errands done while taking 2 kids along.

Two kids are twice the work and the Baby Trend “Sit N’ Stand” Double Stroller is perfect for parents who will be handling two children at once.

Let’s just say this stroller makes your life much easier, especially when one of you is alone with the kids…



A Heavy-Duty & Practical Double Stroller 💪

The double stroller comes with all the great features of the famous Baby Trend’s “Sit N' Stand” — except with a full second seat and two canopy shades. 


✔️ Stacked Tandem Seats

The stacked tandem seats can support the combined weight of two children (up to a total of 22KG).

The "stacked" design also makes it easier to push, navigate narrow spaces and store away. 

✔️ Easy To Manoeuvre 

Double sets of front wheels enables the stroller to roll smoothly, handle tight corners and rougher terrain.

✔️ Comfortable Seats

And of course, comfort is assured with soft foam seats. 

“Sit N’ Stand” Double Stroller

“Sit N’ Stand” Double Stroller


But here’s what makes the Sit N’ Stand a truly worthy buy…

Like most of the Baby Trend products, the Sit N’ Stand is designed to grow with your children. 

As your children grow from infancy to childhood, you will need equipment that copes with their growing sizes and fusses. 

The Sit N’ Stand’s highly customisable design allows it to assist you at various developmental stages of your child.


Sit N’ Stand: A double stroller

Sit N’ Stand: A double stroller that grows with your child from infancy to childhood


When your eldest child grows older, the rear seat can be removed to transform the stroller from a tandem stroller into a Sit N’ Stand. 

You can have one child occupying the front seat while the other can ride standing like mommy (or daddy) on the rear platform. OR sitting on the rear bench.



Baby Trend 101 Baby seat combined

Baby seat combined with a bench seat-cum-standing platform



You can also opt to combine the Sit N’ Stand with Baby Trend car seats (sold separately) that suit your child’s needs.

Flexibility and choice are yours too as you can choose how you want to utilise your stroller seats. 


 Multiple customisation choices with Baby Trend car seat


Is the Sit N’ Stand bulky?  

The Sit N’ Stand might be larger than a regular stroller but it is lightweight for its size (15KG) . It also comes with a sleek and compact design. 

Even with its double seats and canopies, the stroller (when folded) fits nicely inside a regular-sized car boot. 

And it’s so easy to fold away too! 

The stroller’s one-hand folding mechanism allows you to collapse and set up the stroller trip after trip with minimal effort.

Many of our customers find our Baby Trend Sit N’ Stand hassle-free to bring around!


Compact & Flat: For portability and easy storage | Jarrons Malaysia

Compact & Flat: For portability and easy storage


What about safety?

The Sit’ N’ Stand is big on safety with five key safety features:

  • Adjustable 5-point safety harness
  • Foot activated rear brake
  • Extra large canopy for sun protection 
  • Soft foam to absorb side impact and provide head protection


Colour options?

Absolutely! The Sit’ N’ Stand comes in 3 fabulous colours to match your style. 

Choose from chic Onyx, active Millennium and sweet Desert Blue.


Sit N’ Stand in (L-R) Onyx, Millennium and Desert Blue | Jarrons MalaysiaSit N’ Stand in (L-R) Onyx, Millennium and Desert Blue | Jarrons MalaysiaSit N’ Stand in (L-R) Onyx, Millennium and Desert Blue | Jarrons Malaysia

Sit N’ Stand in (L-R) Onyx, Millennium and Desert Blue


And there you have it, an amazing stroller for a growing family!


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