Doona™: Everything You Need To Know About Their Infant Car Seat & Stroller

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From car seat to stroller to infant carrier at the touch of a button, Doona™ makes travelling with baby an easy, hassle-free affair.

Doona™ is one of our highlighted brands here at Jarrons & Co. and it’s a HIT with many Malaysian parents. When you’re balancing a sleeping newborn and being on-the-go, a Doona™ car seat and stroller makes Parent Life so much easier.

Doona™ Infant Car Seat is the world’s first 3-in-1 baby travel system and a premium car seat choice. At the push of a button, it transforms into a baby car seat, stroller or baby carrier — all while the baby stays seated. 

 An award-winning design that transforms in a simple one-motion operation and seconds.

The Doona™ Experience 👶🏻 
Doona™‘s revolutionary design is the reason why it’s our customer’s First Choice when looking for a car seat and stroller combo!

With sleek and stylish features, The Doona™ Infant Car Seat is designed for the modern, on-the-go parent, offering effortless mobility and convenience. And for baby, comfortable and safe travel ❤️

The different modes of the Infant Car Seat make it easier to transition the baby from place to place. 

You can move in and out of cars easier, take the stairs and even avoid waking baby up once the car ride is over 💤 

And because Doona™ folds so quickly from a car seat into a baby stroller, babies won’t be disturbed as they sleep. So many parents have told us how their Doona™ gives them better car-to-home transitions. 

And they love how useful their Doona™ car seat is when it comes to bringing a baby around! 👶🏻


3-in-1: Baby Car Seat, Baby Stroller & Carrier 

In stroller mode, Doona™ glides smoothly across floors and surfaces. In car seat mode,  it stays secure in place and protects baby with an anti-rebound bar technology.

Vehicle Seat Protection 🛡️

Cars remain clean too. Your Doona™ comes with a water-repellant, non-slip seat protector to keep your car seat clean after you’ve been wheeling baby all day on the street. 

The seat protector is washable so don’t worry about spills, dirt, crumbs and soiling 💪

Soft & Snug ☁️💤

Baby’s journey is a comfortable one with Doona™ as they’re cushioned with cooling bamboo charcoal fabric and ergonomic seat design. 

Bamboo charcoal is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and regulates in heat and humidity — perfect for Malaysian weather! 🌬️

Doona™ Infant Insert (included)

Thanks to the padded infant insert (included in your purchase), babies can lie in their comfy seat, near-flat, in a natural position. The padding boosts their upper and lower back and makes sure the baby's neck and back stays comfortably aligned.

Safety First! 🦺

Doona™ meets strict EU and US safety standards and has scored a 5-star rating (the highest) in frontal collision tests.  

Designed side-by-side with medical and engineering experts, Doona’s hardy design structure is able to protect the baby from impact and rebound during a collision. 

Confidently travel knowing that baby is safe, snug and comfortable with these safety features: 


Anti-rebound Bar Crash Technology

In case of collision, the Anti-Rebound handle absorbs the impact and prevents the Doona™ from rotating quickly towards the back of the seat, reducing rebound injuries.

Side Impact Protection

The unique double-wall structure of Doona enables the folding of the wheels into the body and offers a significant safety benefit. The two layers of durable, impact-absorbing plastic, along with additional layers of EPS, foam, and textiles provide enhanced side-impact protection.

Baby-Safe Materials

Doona™ is made from materials free of hazardous chemicals and are carefully tested and approved under the strictest European standards. The fabric are comfortable, breathable, removable and washable 🌬️


Airplane Approved ✈️

Doona™ is TUV and FAA approved for aircraft use. You can find the aircraft sticker on the back of the Doona™ and instructions on how to install the Doona™ into the aircraft seat.

Stylish Design 💃

Heads turn whenever you go out with this ultra-modern baby car seat-stroller that can transform.

When folded, Doona™ looks like a car seat. When unfolded, it looks like a compact, stylish baby stroller. 

Doona’s style aesthetic suits the modern parent who enjoys convenience and appreciates sleek, beautifully designed products.

As far as appearances go, the bulk of the Doona™ is a classy black — save for signature yellow accents on the back wheels and telescoping arms

However, you can match your Doona™ to your style by adding colour to its hood and strap pads. 

There are 7 classy colours to choose from and 2 limited editions: Midnight and Gold.  

There’s no other baby car seat in the market that can double as a car seat and baby stroller. Not the way Doona™ can! 

As parents ourselves, we find Doona™ a worthy investment for busy parents who want ease and convenience whenever they go out with their baby. Doona™ greatly smoothens the transition between home and car rides and our customers love the convenience it brings. 

Get your Doona™ today! 

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Doona™ Gold *Limited Edition *

For those who appreciate a touch of opulence ✨

For those who love glowing in gold, the Gold Doona™ is an exclusive design that will make minted impressions with its gold finishings and black textiles. 

It never fails to make a statement 😎

This limited edition car seat strikes bold with gold aluminium profiles and gold-splash canopy.

Features upgraded designs for keeping baby stylish AND comfy. Like a quilted diamond-pattern seat cover, cooling bamboo fibre Infant Insert & Head Support. 

For parents, Included in this set is an exclusive Gold Edition Essentials Bag. And more!

Faux leather details. Gold essentials bag. Gold detailing. 

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 Doona™ Features & Benefits 

  • One simple motion operation, car seat to stroller in seconds
  • 5-point harness
  • Adjustable handlebar - also acts as an anti-rebound bar inside the car
  • New stretch material canopy in 8 stylish colours
  • Removable and washable textiles
  • Made with Baby Safe materials 
  • New & Improved breathable textiles and inner foams
  • Rear-facing only
  • Highest safety & quality standards
  • TUV and FAA aircraft approved for travel
  • Suitable for infants from birth to 13kg
  • 2 years manufacturer's warranty

What’s Included?

  • Gold splash Canopy Gold aluminum profiles 
  • Black faux-leather removable Handlebar Cover 
  • Nitro black Shoulder Pads 
  • Black Seat Cover 
  • Essentials Bag Gold Edition 
  • Black Bamboo-fiber Infant Insert & Head Support 
  • Vehicle Seat Protector 
  • Exclusive edition packaging

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