How To Get Your Baby To Sleep In A Baby Cot?

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Having your baby sleep close by is definitely comfortable for both of you as it is ideal to build that parent-child bond. However, at some point, you may wish to let your baby be more independent to sleep on their own. Many parents find it unsettling for the transition to get their baby to sleep in a baby cot.

But not to worry, parents.

Here, we are sharing some useful tips on how to get your baby to transit to sleep on a baby cot:

1. Slow stepping stones
Starting by putting your baby down for a daytime nap in your baby cot will make him feel more familiar with the new environment at night.

2. Same room, same comfort
It might be good to put the cot in the same room as yours so the baby is used to sleeping in their cot while still having the familiarity of the same room and environment.

3. Babies love warmth.
Replicate the same warm and cosy womb environment by warming up the baby cot with a hot water bottle. Be sure to remove it before letting your baby sleep in the baby cot. Reminder: Never leave the hot water bottle in the baby cot unattended.

4. Keep bedtime routine the same
Baby responds well when he/she knows what to expect in a routine. Hence, getting them to familiar with the routine lets him/her know that bedtime is coming and starts to associate that with his/her comfy baby cot. Many parents have found it effective to keep to the same routine such as letting their babies sleep at a regular time each day.

5. Create a comfortable environment
White noise is great for soothing babies. The rain and heartbeat combined have worked wonders in settling your baby to sleep in the baby cot. You can also use a new musical light toy for your baby so he/she knows when it is time to sleep in the baby cot. Reminder: Babies under 6 months should not have any soft toys in their baby cot with them.

6. Cautious on SIDS
SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), also known as cot death, occurs when a baby is asleep in their cot. [Sorry to bring up such a matter but we thought it is important to highlight such a possibility to alert parents on the danger.] It is important to ensure that the baby's physical and sleep environment is safe for a peaceful and comfortable sleep for both of you.

Here are some tips on how we can prevent SIDS from the baby cot:

  1. Always place your baby on their back to sleep.
  2. Place your baby in the “feet to foot” position with their feet touching the end of the baby cot.
  3. Keep your baby’s head uncovered-their blanket should be tucked in no higher than their shoulders.
  4. Use a mattress that is firm, flat, waterproof and in good condition

At Jarrons & Co, we offer a selection of high-quality baby cots in Malaysia that cater to your baby needs.

Micuna is a baby cots brand that comes with a patented Relax System®, to ensure the safety of the little ones. Besides sleeping in normal horizontal positions, Micuna cots allow your baby to sleep in 2 tilt positions, 7° and 10°, without the need to wake the baby up. This system keeps the baby breathing smoothly in case of cold or re-flux, reduces drowning possibilities caused by vomits, and reduces the risk of tracheal obstruction and stifle that leads to cot death. Such a feature is also useful for a baby who has colic as it helps your baby to reduce wind accumulation in the tummy when lying down in a tilt position.


How To Get Your Baby To Sleep In A Baby Cot? | Jarrons Malaysia

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Transitioning your baby to the baby cot might seem like a stressful situation, but it will get better day by day. Keep putting your baby down in her crib and she’ll soon become accustomed to sleeping in her cosy little bed and even look forward to it every night. Be sure to remember to cherish each moment and create great memories for you and your little one!