Tips of Choosing a Baby Cot

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There’s such an air of excitement when you’re expecting a little bundle of joy soon! Along with choosing the colour of your newborn's bedroom and accessories, there is one most important purchase you have to make before the birth of your little one – a baby cot. It is a known fact that buying the right baby cot is crucial. However, there are tons of brands in a wide range of prices of baby cots in Malaysia, leaving you much research to be done.

Hence, we hope to save you some precious time by providing you with some tips to look out for in considering the baby cot for your little one:

It’s always important to ensure the baby cot is strong and sturdy and adhere to the latest safety standard such as European safety standards BS EN716. Choose a baby cot that is made from solid wood such as pine wood and beech wood, rather than chipboard which normally does not last and is much cheaper. Also, do pay attention to the gap between the mattress and the cot sides and ends, especially when you purchase the mattress and cot separately.

Non-Toxic Materials
High quality and non-toxic materials are among the most important features of a baby cot. Usually, a baby chews on anything when they are teething. Thus, food-grade teething rails are crucial to prevent a baby from getting sick when ingested as well as to prevent damage to your baby’s teeth and the cot. Besides that, the baby cot must use non-toxic paint or water-based paint to create a safe environment for your little one.

Removable and Lockable Castor Wheels
Having wheels attached to the baby cot allows it to move around easily in-between space. However, it is important to place the cot in a safe spot and use the lockable castor wheels to securely lock the baby cot at a spot, especially when there is a little one inside the baby cot for safety reasons.

Adjustable Drop Side Mechanism
The adjustable drop side from up to down or be stationary helps you to access the baby easily without straining your back. It is easier to lay a child down without waking them and easier to change bedding on the cot mattress with the side lowered.

Adjustable Mattress Height
Cots with adjustable height positions are practical, so when your baby is young you can gain easy access to them. As they get older and more mobile, you can drop the base down, so they can’t climb out of the cot preventing them from falling out.

Consider a Grow-with-you Cot
Convertible baby cots are usually larger in size and of stronger construction that will last years as they can be converted to a toddler bed once your little one outgrows their cot. With a convertible cot, parents are saving on expenses as they can turn three purchases into one with just a few adjustments, instead of having to buy an individual bassinet, cot and toddler bed.

Notable Mention:
At Jarrons & Co, we offer a selection of high-quality baby cots brands in Malaysia that cater to your baby needs, notably Happy Cot and Micuna Baby Cot.

Happy Cot is a multinational joint project that aims to develop innovative, safe and sustainable baby products. This brand provides a series of baby cots that can be converted from a baby cot into a bedside bed, toddler bed, playpen and kid’s bench, which are great in utilising the product’s longevity and allow the young children to grow in a safe environment.

Happy Cot Happy Dream 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Cot | Jarrons Malaysia
Happy Dream 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Cot from Happy Cot is one of our best selling baby cots. This minimalistic white pine cot bed has all features mentioned above ensuring its longevity and even comes with a complimentary 4” foam mattress and mosquito net upon purchase!

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Micuna, a leading company from Spain with more than 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of furniture for babies, offers the highest quality baby cot that ensures the safety of little ones with their patented Relax System®.

What is Relax System®?
Tips of Choosing a Baby Cot | Jarrons Malaysia
Micuna Relax System® allows the incorporation of the baby in 2 tilt positions, 7° and 10°, as well as from a horizontal position without the need to wake the baby up. This system is to keep the baby breathing smoothly, reduce drowning possibilities caused by vomits and reduce the risk of tracheal obstruction and stifle that lead to cot death.

Here are our top picks from Micuna baby cots:

Micuna Sweet Globito With Relax System

Tips of Choosing a Baby Cot | Jarrons Malaysia
For parents who have an eye for beautiful furniture, this lovely design fits in well in modern, minimalistic homes! It has a total of 6 adjustable height positions to grow with your little one from birth up to 3 years old.

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Micuna Aura With Relax System

Tips of Choosing a Baby Cot | Jarrons Malaysia
Made of lacquered beechwood, this gorgeous cot comes with the patented Relax System, allowing a horizontal position and a recline position of 7º to 10º, especially good if your baby suffers from reflux or colds. Now, it is equipped with a complimentary 4” anti-dust mite foam mattress and free installation upon purchase!

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Micuna Dolce Luce Cradle With Relax System

Tips of Choosing a Baby Cot | Jarrons Malaysia
It may be more expensive, but Micuna Dolce Luce Cradle with Relax System is definitely one-of-its-kind and well worth the investment. This innovative cot features a soft LED lighting system that illuminates the clear acrylic panel activated via a button on the touch panel, allowing you to check on your baby at night.

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With your baby spending more than 12 hours a day in his or her baby cot, it is no doubt one of the most important investments for any new parent. If your little one gets a good rest, so do you! That’s why at Jarrons & Co, we offer smart and practical products that will last a couple more years for you to enjoy each day with your growing little ones at every moment! Happy Shopping at Jarrons!