Types of Car Seats for Your Baby

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Your child needs a car seat, which is essential because it's intended to keep your youngster secure while being transported. Before the birth of your child, you will need to have a car seat installed in the car since you must have one there if you plan to drive your newborn home from the hospital. In fact, child care professionals advise expecting mothers to begin looking for a car seat in the sixth to eighth month of pregnancy. This will give you plenty of time before giving birth to look for car seats.

Types of Car Seats for Your Baby | Jarrons Malaysia

There are many different types of infant car seats available nowadays. The type of infant car seat you select will depend on your lifestyle, your budget, your child's age, height, and weight, among other factors. You'll use the car seat every time you leave the house because it is a necessary piece of child safety equipment, so be sure to spend money on a good seat. To learn more about the ideal car seat for your family, continue reading:

Infant car seats

Infant car seats, which are specifically made for young children, may be adjusted to fit the child's size and keep them securely buckled in place with the use of safety belts. The chairs are made to accommodate the weight of young children, holding them firmly and securely. To give comfort and protection to the youngster during accidents, this has a double layer of foam. With the aid of a handle, the seat is portable and light. Make sure to select one of the car seats that can be used with a stroller for a walk in the park or when shopping. Everyone is in favour of using baby car seats with a removable seat.


Convertible car seats

Unlike baby car seats, which can be removed, convertible car seats endure longer. These chairs are made to accommodate kids of any age or size. Since the seat may be used in both rear- and front-facing configurations, many people prefer them. Despite being more expensive than infant car seats, convertible car seats are nonetheless preferred due to their built-in safety features. The seat's distinctiveness is defined by how it appears.

Types of Car Seats for Your Baby | Jarrons Malaysia
Types of Car Seats for Your Baby | Jarrons Malaysia

Booster Seats

These seats are specifically built for growing children to keep them from slipping from the seat by raising the height and tightening the seat belt. Although not as secure as an infant or convertible seat, the lack of a booster seat is undeniably noticeable. Its simple design and operation, as well as its suitability for toddlers, contribute to the child's safety.

3-In-1 Seats

Types of Car Seats for Your Baby | Jarrons Malaysia


Similar to convertible car seats, all-in-one seats or 3-in-1 seats also function as booster seats. This seat has the benefit of just needing to be purchased once, and it will grow with your kid from rear-facing to forward-facing to a booster seat until they are mature enough to only require a seatbelt.

Another type multifunction car seat is none other than Doona Stroller Car Seat. As implied by the name, you can easily move around with your kid while using it as both a car seat and a stroller. Additionally, it may change into a carrier and a rocker to assist them in getting comfortable before bed.

The seat's position

Rear-facing seats - The weight of the kid is the determining criterion, and the majority of infant seats include a rear-facing seat. The seat's position may be changed to accommodate the kid's height, and the neck can be relaxed without the youngster feeling any pain. Rear-facing chairs should be utilised since a child's neck and back are more delicate and should be protected from any harm. Rear-facing chairs are suggested for infant children.

Forward-facing seats - Forward-facing seats are used when the kid faces the front seat in a forward direction for the child's optimum safety. Toddlers who don't exert much effort in the seat are advised to use this seat.

Combination Car Seat - As the name suggests, combination car seats include both rear and forward facing choices, allowing them to adjust to the child's size and weight while still securing him firmly to the seat with the aid of the seat belt. Height adjustment is also an option.

Types of Car Seats for Your Baby | Jarrons Malaysia

If you still need further assistance in selecting the correct car seat, or if you've already purchased a car seat and need assistance with car seat installation, come on over to Jarrons and we'll be happy to assist you! Our team is well-versed in kid safety and would be delighted to assist you with whatever you require.