What Makes A Good Baby Cot? 5 Things You Need To Know Before You Purchase One

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So many types of cots, so little explanation. Our detailed guide will show you what to look for when choosing the right cot for your little one.

Choosing a baby cot can feel like a big decision🤔

After all, sleeping will be your little one’s main activity — aside from crying, eating and pooping — so naturally, you’ll want a cot that creates a safe and cosy sanctuary for them. 

This article will tell you everything you need to know before choosing one. From what makes a good cot, to the kinds of cot suits you most and some practical advice on how to choose a cot you’ll be absolutely happy with. 

In our guide, you’ll also find what are the baby cot options to inspire your shopping! Each one is accustomed for different needs or situation.

What makes a good baby cot

So, what makes a good baby cot? 🤔

Safety and quality are obviously the most important things. And the good news is, many baby cot brands these days meet European or British standards for quality and safety… i.e vertical bars, no wide gaps, protrusions or sharp edges, baby-safe materials etc,  

With so many well-made cots out there, what parents look for is a cot that can either a) create a safer sleep environment or b) grow with the child. 

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How long should a good quality cot last?

A good cot can last for years or even pass down to younger siblings. Normally, a newborn will sleep in a cot until they turn two years old — but with the new inventions, there are baby cots that can be used up to 10 years old! To ensure sustainability, we recommend cots that are made by solid woods.  However, it is solely based on your personal preferences on how long you want to use the cot until, and find one that actually caters your needs. 


What kind of cot should I get?

Most parents in Malaysia get a regular cot with features they like. But convertible cots are becoming one of the top choices these days. Instead of using it for only newborn stage, it’s always better if you could use it a little longer, for example convert it into a toddler bed or playpen. So it really depends on which cot gives you a better peace of mind. 

A parent who’s had a difficult pregnancy might get a cot with features that support the critical first six months of a newborn’s life. If you’re concerned about Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), you should consider getting a cot with the safety feature - a relax system invented by a Spanish brand, Micuna. It improves breathing, and promotes better lung development.

A parent who wants something that grows with their child might consider getting a convertible cot. A convertible cot can be used as a cot during the first two years. It then can be converted into a toddler’s bed when they grow older.

Models like the Happy Cot “Happy Forever” 7-in-1 Convertible Cot, for instance, transform into different forms and sizes, and can even be used as a children's study desk with chairs on later stage! 😲 


Happy Cot 7-in-1 "Happy Forever

There are the cots that offer the best of both worlds in case you’re wondering 🤗

Now that you know what baby cot options you have, here are the next 5 things you need to consider…

We’ve also included some options to inspire you! 😎 

#1 Firstly, What Is Your Budget Like? 💸

The price of a cot at Jarrons & Co. starts from RM1,588. It all comes with the additional feature of a relax system. You may add-on a mattress and bedding set as a combo for a better deal, depending on the designs, it can go up to RM3250+

Convertible cots, on the other hand, can cost anything between RM710 to RM2700+

We recommend the convertible cot as they’re more cost-effective. These cots grow with your child so they last 3x longer (up to 10 years) and are designed to take on more weight 💪💪💪

For a product that will stay with your child for almost 10 years, it’s simply cheaper in the long-run.

The 7 transformations of the Happy Cot 7-in-1 "Happy Forever"The 7 transformations of the Happy Cot 7-in-1 "Happy Forever"

The 7 transformations of the
Happy Cot 7-in-1 “Happy Forever”


Don’t forget to include the mattress in your budget!

Mattresses are often sold separately and can cost anything from RM210 up to RM438 for a bamboo fibre one with anti-dust mite properties. A tip for you is, you may look for one that includes free mattress or add-on while purchasing a baby cot is sometimes much cheaper!


Check If The Cot Can Fit Into Your Space

#2 Check If The Cot Can Fit Into Your Space 🛏️

Sleeping close to mommy and daddy during the first 6 months would be easier for the midnight feedings. 

Obviously, this means you’ll need to make sure a cot can fit in your room with ample walking space. We’ve had tired (and sleepy) parents wake their baby up from accidentally bumping into things! 😩

Take note that a cot and convertible cot comes in different sizes. The size of a standard cot is 65cm x 125cm while you can always opt for a larger cot that can be used for a longer period.

If you have limited space in the room, pick a cot with a drop side mechanism to create a co-sleeping setup. It’ll keep your baby close and the walking space clear.

Co-Sleeper Setup with
Happy Cot “Happy Wonder Plus 5-IN-1


#3 Take Note Of How The Cot Will Care For Your Baby 👶

Most branded cots already pass European or British safety standards so look at how else the cot can benefit your baby. Like, will it make your baby’s sleep environment safer? More comfortable? 

The oval design of the Happy Cot 7-in-1 “Happy Forever, for instance, is more than just an aesthetic. It’s also a comfort feature. The oval shape of the cot allows babies to roll around without getting stuck in a corner, something that might happen in a rectangular cot. 


Cot + Oval Bamboo Anti-Dust Mite mattress

 Happy Cot 7-in-1 “Happy Forever
Cot + Oval Bamboo Anti-Dust Mite mattress, from RM2388


The Micuna cots, on the other hand, are built with Relax System® — a mechanism that tilts the mattress at an incline to relieve the pressure on the baby’s little body and head.


Relax System Tilts the mattress at 7° and 10° degree inclines
Relax System Tilts the mattress at 7° and 10° degree inclines

Relax System®
Tilts the mattress at 7° and 10° degree inclines


The slight incline helps to improve breathing and digestion and reduce regurgitation. 

It also helps prevent dangerous sleep situations such as mask effect, semi-incorporated position and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).


#4 Check If The Cot Makes Life Easier For You Too 🤱❤️

Mommies, part of babycare will have you bending A LOT when you put your little one into bed. You might also be moving the cot around from room to room. So make sure the cot of your choice has features that make the task easier for you.

A list of really useful features includes…

  • Adjustable Height Options — Allows the cot mattress to be raised higher or lower so that you don’t have to strain or bend too much when lowering your infant into the cot. This is especially useful if you’re a mommy who delivered via C-Section.
    Aadjustable height options

    Example of adjustable height options with
    Happy Cot 7-in-1 “Happy Forever

  • Drop Side Mechanism — Enables one side of the cot panel to slide down, making it easier to reach your baby. This feature can also create a co-sleeping setup in your room.
  • Castors — Attachable (or fixed) wheels make it easier to move the cot around. Lockable brakes on at least two wheels provide additional safety.


Happy Dream 4-IN-1 Convertible Baby Cot

 Happy Dream 4-IN-1 Convertible Baby Cot
with drop side mechanism and castors


 #5 Are There EXTRA Features That Add Values & Convenience?

Cots are some of the more space-consuming baby equipment you’ll be buying so it helps a lot if the cot comes with value-adding features.

Here are some extra cot features to consider…

  • Mosquito Net — Can be installed over the cot for extra protection from the mosquito climate in Malaysia.

    Available with: Happy Dream” 4-IN-1, from RM1288

  • Storage Space — Allows items to be stored under the cot usually in a drawer. Available in most cots. Many parents appreciate this convenient feature.

    From L to R: Happy Dream with Mosquito Net, Micuna Under Cot Drawer,
    Micuna “Alexa” Rocking Base

  • Rocking Base — Makes it easier to rock your baby to sleep without tiring yourself out.

    Available with: Micuna “Alexa”, from RM2488

  • Night Light — Allows you to check on your baby at night without using the light from your mobile phone or turning on big lights.

    Available with: Micuna “Dolce Luce”, from RM2688


LED Nightlight system with Micuna "Dolce Luce"LED Nightlight system with Micuna "Dolce Luce"

LED nightlight system
with Micuna “Dolce Luce”

 All in all, trust yourself when it comes to cot shopping! 💪💪💪

Now that you know what to consider when picking a cot, shopping for one shouldn’t be hard!

The cot brands we carry at Jarrons & Co. are handpicked for the peace of mind they give parents. And you are most welcome to visit our store to touch, feel and inspect them 🛒


Happy Cot’s convertible cots can be turned into a bedside bed, toddler's bed, playpen or kid's bench. It effectively gives you up to 10 years of use!


Browse “Happy Cot” cots here.

  Micuna cots come with so many features like nightlights, rockers and sleep aids. Their cots are well-known for the Relax System® — a mechanism that tilts the mattress at an incline to encourage easier breathing in babies.


Browse “Micuna” cots here.


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