Doona™ Makes Air Travel For Babies Safe & Comfortable! Here’s How..

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As the world’s ONLY baby car seat that converts into a stroller, Doona™ makes it easier for parents to travel from home to car to destination without transferring their baby around too much 💤👶🏻 Bet you didn’t know this but the Doona™ car seat isn’t just meant for cars… It also FITS on planes! That’s right, mommies and daddies. This complete travel system is also made to FLY! ✈️☁️🌎


Flying With A Baby? More Manageable Than You Think! 😏

For many parents, flying with a baby is challenging. On top of bracing for the stresses of air travel, there’s also childminding and extra gear to bring along — like baby’s stroller and car seat. 

Don’t worry. With the right equipment, flying with a baby can be surprisingly manageable, and many Doona™ customers will agree how this versatile car seat-slash-stroller shaves off a good amount of travel stress. Not only does it allow parents to go hands-free at the airport, it also provides babies with a comfortable and safe flight. 

Here’s how…

#1 AIRCRAFT APPROVED: Doona™ Is Safety Checked & Aircraft Approved — Take It With You Into The Airport! 👨‍✈️✈️ 

Baby strollers and car seats are often too bulky to bring onboard so parents must check them in as baggage. That means once you’re past a certain point in at the airport, you lose their assistance. With Doona™, this is never the case.

Doona™ Car Seat & Stroller in “Flame Red”
Includes Infant Insert + Seat Protector + 2 Years Warranty


A Doona™ car seat is FAA-approved and meets cabin baggage requirements so bring it onboard and onto the aircraft! You can imagine how this gives parents use of their hands and relieves them from carrying their baby all around the airport. Doona™  parents LOVE how they get to do this! 😍


Doona™ Makes Air Travel For Babies Safe & Comfortable! Here’s How | Jarrons Malaysia

#2 CONVENIENT: Stashed Away Or Secured To The Seat, Doona™ Complies 

On long flights, parents often set up their Doona™ on an additional seat to make the flight more comfortable for themselves and their baby. 

 Doona™ Makes Air Travel For Babies Safe & Comfortable! Here’s How | Jarrons Malaysia Once installed, babies have a cushy sleeping space where they can be safely strapped into while their parents won’t have to deal with awkward cradling positions and be confined to a tight seat for hours! 😖

No ISOFIX base necessary either!
The Doona™ can be installed without its Isofix base. Just use the lap belt of the plane seat.

Don’t want to use Doona™?
On shorter flights, Doona™ can be folded up to store in the overhead compartments until it needs to be used again.


Doona™ Makes Air Travel For Babies Safe & Comfortable! Here’s How | Jarrons Malaysia

Inside or outside, Doona™ fits wherever you need it to go!
Photo credits: @Carina Margrethe Hansen - Taken in Boeing 777.


#3 SAFE: Doona™ Protects From Bounce & Rebound, Keep Baby Safe & Secure 💪💪💪

While it’s fairly safe to fly with babies, aviation experts encourage using an approved car seat when flying with infants. In the event of unexpected turbulence, air pockets or emergency landings, parents won’t be able to hold on to their baby effectively. A car seat, however, can.


 Doona™ Makes Air Travel For Babies Safe & Comfortable! Here’s How | Jarrons Malaysia

Doona™, being TUV and FAA-approved, can protect a child when its parent cannot. ‘

Once strapped in, your baby is secured to the  sturdy chassis seat with a 5-point safety harness system. 

And in case of impact, they are protected by the double wall “Side Impact Protection” and Anti-Rebound technology. 

Learn more about Doona™’s safety features and systems, including those for aircraft here

Doona™ Makes Air Travel For Babies Safe & Comfortable! Here’s How | Jarrons Malaysia Doona™ Anti-Rebound Protection
A unique structure that positions the handle against the seat and creates a buffer. In case of collision, the Anti-Rebound handle absorbs the impact and prevents the Doona™ from rotating towards the back of the seat thus reducing rebound injuries.

Doona™ is your answer if you want a baby car seat that promises safety, convenience and an easier time with a newborn 👶🏻 

Anyone who’s owned a Doona™ loves the ease and convenience this brilliant invention brings them when they travel. If that’s something you’re after, Doona™ might just be for you too! 

As parents ourselves who have travelled with babies, a Doona™ makes all the difference between a comfortable flight and arriving at your destination with tired arms. In case you’re still not convinced, allow us to answer some commonly asked questions about bringing Doona™ onboard...

Is the Doona™ car seat stroller safe for newborns? 

Yes! Doona™ is designed for newborns and infants with safety features like side impact protection, an anti-rebound bar, superior 5-point safety harness and an ergonomic infant insert. 



Can Doona™ fit through the cabin aisles?
Absolutely! You can push your Doona™ right to your seat.

Is the Doona™ car seat heavy?
The Doona™ car seat weighs around 7.5KG but you only need to lift it when transferring between the car or using overhead compartments. Most times, you will be walking with it.

How much weight can Doona™ take?
The weight limit for the Doona™ is 16kg.



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Jarrons & Co. is the Exclusive Distributor of Doona™ Car Seat & Stroller in Singapore & Malaysia and we are more than happy to get you acquainted with this convertible car seat-slash-stroller!

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Doona Limited Edition Gold (left) and Midnight (right)



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